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More than 50 lakh 5 million or 50, people reads his researches on internet annually. Nikhil has been extremely accurate in his analysis w. He employs the techniques advocated by Rishi Parashara and Jaimini. He also holds a great degree of command in Nadi Astrology. Services: Numerology , Palmistry , Vedic Astrology.

You must be logged in to post a review. Username or E-mail:. Skip to toolbar Log in Register Search. Login Menu. No Shop here. Message Me X. Please wait I thank the author for providing me the review copy of the book. The views expressed here are my own and in no way biased. Jul 07, Divya Ramnath Bandodkar rated it really liked it. What did I feel about the story?

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The name of this novel — The Blue Jinx is interesting. Nikhil, a 30 year old, is a simple man who is in to interior designing. Interior designing had always been something he wanted to pursue. His father was naturally displeased with his profession. After multiple failures at his job, Nikhil finally decided to open his What did I feel about the story?

After multiple failures at his job, Nikhil finally decided to open his own company. His father did not help him. His mother came to his rescue and helped him with the finances. Nikhil, finally, got a project to work on some months later.

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Little did he know that his life was going to change. Working for a businessman like Mr. Hemant Saxena, Nikhil thought his career graph would rise incredibly. But the moment Nikhil stepped in to the house, he was not himself. He experienced strange things. The boy who did not touch alcohol, started drinking it. The boy who was dedicated to his work, drifted to sleep during meetings. Enter Samara! Samara is the only daughter of Mr. Hemant Saxena. She wished to help Nikhil in redecorating their house.

She loved her mother, Shanipriya and wanted her renovated house to look the way her mother always wanted to be. Hemant Saxena attributes it as an escape from his project. Bhima, the watchman, feels it to be paranormal. Samara does not have any problem. She is just worried for her friend, Nikhil. Hemant Saxena is hiding something from his daughter. What did I like about the story? What I did not like about the story? The first part of the story until the discovery of medical reports is long while the second part is short.

The second part could have been made more long. The end seemed quite abrupt to me. Jul 25, Samata rated it really liked it. Nisha offered a fresh new psycho thriller which is not only entertaining but also will force you to c0mplete in go. Sep 28, Vidya rated it it was amazing. Suspense lovers don't miss this! Sep 26, Meena rated it it was amazing.

Dec 30, Kshitij rated it liked it. Are ghosts real? Or for that matter gemology or astrology? Do the Ghosts try to avenge themselves if something bad happened to them? It may be psychological issue or may be real ghost if there is such a thing. Nikhil is a loser in the eyes of his family.

He is an interior consultant and wants to make it big. He always claimed that he is not cut out for love and wants to focus only on career. But as happens in stories h Are ghosts real? Bhima, the Chowkidar tells him that the Ghost of Shanipriya Samara mother is there, in the same room where he is staying.

Then strange things start happening with him and he loses control over reality. The story is good initially and builds the suspense and atmosphere beautifully. It is fast paced book and can be finished in one or two sitting. Say for instance why Hemant disposed of Shanipriya body without trying to find out her killer. The explanation given is most flimsy. If he loved her so much he should have avenged her.

The identity of killer is totally fabricated as there is no mention of him till fag end and the climax is very insipid. The behaviour of supporting characters is erratic. Editing and choice of words could have been better. Nov 22, Nidhi Desai rated it it was amazing.

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View 1 comment. Oct 08, Bhupesh Tripathi rated it it was amazing. Great suspense work! Oct 04, Sameer Bhagwat rated it it was amazing. Read this if you love gem stone mysteries.. Jan 04, Aparna Preethi rated it liked it. A story which is embedded with passion, friendship, love, mystery, thriller, horror, crime, revenge. The plot has touched all these genres which has made the novel incredibly good.

The protagonist of the tale is Nikhil. With the beginning, we will come to know about Nikhil, a young man, who tries hard to achieve success in his profession and prove himself to his family and the world. Being an A story which is embedded with passion, friendship, love, mystery, thriller, horror, crime, revenge. But soon luck hits him through a client, who introduces Nikhil to Mr.

Nikhil is out of the world as he has got a huge project, which will indeed help him to prove his talent and to earn much. Nikhil comes in contact with Mr. Saxena and the actual story begins with them reaching his old bungalow. The home looks so old and the place, creepy. Adding to the terror, the watchman says to Nikhil that he has witnessed ghost in the house and it is the room where Nikhil is going to live, the ghost exists.

The ghost is of none others but Shanipriya, wife of Mr. Saxena and the room is the same where she has died. Weird behaviours of servant and secretary of Mr. Saxena confuses Nikhil to a greater extend. But then comes our heroine, Samara, daughter of Mr. Nikhil is instantly attracted to her but still he hopes only to be a good friend to her. When Nikhil is about to start his works, the problems too accompanies. He starts feeling weird and completely uncomfortable and disturbed.

The tale from here, turns into a horror, involving some paranormal activities happening with Nikhil. It is only Samara who supports him all the time. But the actual truth when revealed, will leave the readers surprised. It is in the verge, when Nikhil is about to lose his job, he finds something terrible. With Samara, they together dig the crime involved by using some tricks. The way how the prologue reasonably connects with the epilogue is the end, scores the credit.

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With all kind of genres involved, the story will never make you feel bored at any point. The narration is simple and easy for the readers to grasp the story. The end, where supernatural believes upturn into real facts, is a clever move. It is giving a clear idea that what the book is all about and on the aspect of a thriller book, the blurb is apt actually. Because of the dark background and the central blue sapphire, it looks catchy, but it could have been designed in a little tempting way.

It has the capability of making the reader tempt to opt for this book surely. As per the substance of the book, I can consider the title appropriate, indeed. One, as the language is lucid enough, so it is easy to comprehend for any kind of reader, indeed; and second, keeping the theme of the book in mind, the language of a good crime thriller should have been more intriguing in the sense of choice of words. I am sorry to say this, but the as a thriller, the way of storytelling; rather the style of narrating the incidents could have been more gripping I can say.

I have gone through some of the classy crime thrillers previously and this genre is one of my favorite too, so the lack of grip while going through the middle of the story, tickled my mind instantly. Plot: The plot is intriguing, and thoughtful indeed I am saying this because of the content of the story , but while developing the plot and portraying a compact story keeping the base like this, there will come a point where thriller lovers will have to search for a connecting sub plot to make sense for some of the incidents.

So, a little mature crafting of plot would have been much appreciated. Setting: Setting of the story starts from Mumbai and the base story is entirely developed in Nashik. Clear presenting of the characters is one of the positive points of the book. All the characters be it any major or minor character of the book are justified to their respective role till the end.

Name of some characters mentioned in the book are- Nikhil, Mr. Koli, Manika, Mrs. Mallik, Neha, Mrs. Thomas, Mr. Story in a nutshell: Nikhil had dream to create his own identity in the field of Interior Designing industry. It was not only his dream, but his soul passion actually.

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But in life, nothing came to him in a silver platter. He always had his fair share of struggles to establish. Saxena wanted to redecorate his house of Nashik, in the memory of his beloved Wife Shanipriya. So, he hired Nikhil as the Interior Decorator of this project. Strange and weird things started to counter with him, such incidents that had no logic in reality. But the thing is that, the incidents that were happening with Nikhil in that house were really spooky, scary even his life was at stake at a point. Only Samara was supporting him constantly throughout every phase.

What were those spooky incidents happening with him? Who was responsible for that? If yes, then what was she trying to convey? Why she opted for Nikhil to haunt? Will Nikhil ever be successful to get rid of them? Will Nikhil take the risk to reveal the truth to Samara?

Will they be able to seek justice for Shanipriya?

Well, all the answers are safe in the book itself and to know the rest of the story, you need to go through the book. Characters are well developed indeed. There are a lots actually a lot of places where at least some common printing errors could have been easily avoided. Formation of a proper sentence should have been kept in mind while describing some specific scenes, the different reasons of death of Shanipriya in two different places should have been noticed before finalizing either heart attack or cancer. I would suggest that a thorough and compact editing is highly necessary for this book.

Recommendation: I would say that, for crime thriller lovers or anyone who loves to go through mystery books; can have this book as one time read for sure. Nov 23, Anuja Bidkar rated it it was amazing. Nov 26, Aakash Mitra rated it it was amazing. Suspense lovers should not miss this! Dec 27, Aparna Prabhu rated it it was ok. Nikhil, a interior consultant had finally got an opportunity to work on big project after a long time.

His client, Hemant invited him to stay in his Nasik bungalow to study about its interiors.

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During his stay, he witnesses a lot of strange things happening around him and also escapes a near to death experience. Everyone around him except Samara Hemant's daughter assumes him to have lost his senses. Was it Nikhil's imagination? The story looked quite promi Nikhil, a interior consultant had finally got an opportunity to work on big project after a long time. The story looked quite promising by the blurb and had a lot of potential. The setting of bungalow amidst a dense jungle will definitely give you some chills.

The unraveling of the mysteries surrounding blue sapphire was quite interesting. But the book was let down by numerous factors.